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Daily Body Pilates
Daily Body Pilates

About Rachel

    I am a dancer, pilates teacher, movement enthusiast, and mom to 2 young boys.  I earned my Pilates certification for both mat and machine work from the Kane School of Core Integration (now Kinected) in 2003 and have been teaching in both studio and private settings ever since. Over the years I've taught at Sal Anthony's Movement Salon, Body Evolution, Pilates Garage, Dance New Amsterdam, and Streamline Studio as well as teaching clients in their homes.  

    I have been a dancer my whole life and have had the pleasure of performing professionally for various choreographers including Miami Ballet, Momentum Dance Company, Zendora Dance company, the Vin Moxie Dance company, and with choreographer Jeanine Durning.  In 2003 I also graduated from Educating Hands Massage School in Miami, FL where I became nationally certified in both Swedish and Shiatsu massage.  Here in New York, I have studied anatomy and movement with master teacher Irene Dowd since 2007.  I live with my family in Brooklyn.

    The experience of pregnancy and childbirth brought about a whole new body awareness for me.  After, first, an emergency cesarean section and, then, a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) delivery, my experience of movement, exercise, and feeling connected to my body totally changed, as did my ability to find the time to do any of these things!         There were times (and still are), when I only had 5 minutes to check in with my body and, at some point, I decided that I would allow every 5 minutes count.  As I got used to making time for my 5 minute routine, I started being able to extend the length of my workout little by little, till I developed a 30-35 minute routine that I could do anywhere, worked the whole body and got the heart rate up.  Ultimately it was this Daily Body check-in that helped me regain a connection to my body and feel strong again.

    My goal for my clients is to help them gain a deeper understanding of their body while they're getting a great workout. I am a proud movement and anatomy nerd and love to share this knowledge with everyone.  No matter where your body stands, Daily Body is truly movement for every body.

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