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(Live•a Lot•ease)

Livelates® is a movement philosophy that applies alignment and core strength for activities one does everyday.  Whether carrying groceries, pushing a stroller or going up and down stairs, the body is actively working, usually utilizing muscles that are most accessible, but not necessarily most efficient.  By defining guidelines for using the body in a supported way, Livelates® can not only prevent injuries, but can also help to ease unnecessary pain.  Livelates® also offers a way to strengthen weak muscles in order to attain more balance within the body.  Simple exercises and stretches that relate to each action are included and act as a tool for further injury prevention and general self care.  

Livelates® is not meant to make every action into an exercise, but rather, give one the information one needs about the body to build functional strength and to perform necessary every day actions with more ease.  It is designed to be used on an as need basis and to the degree that it is helpful to each individual.  Whether one is thinking about it or not, the muscles are working. Livelates® is about developing an easy relationship with the body and having the knowledge to use it and care for it effectively.  Ask about how you can utilize Livelates® in your daily life.

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